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Technical Proposal

GVEP's GAPfund and the support services proposed under this project would effectively address the problem with a long term perspective. The project would develop web based GIS and KM tools as per the implementation methodology plan (given in the proposal and fine tuned after village surveys in Assam) to carry out the Needs Assessment, Systems Analysis, Development of the software tools for KM, Training and Capacity Building, Testing and Implementation. The pilot demonstration project of Assam RVEP would be "show cased" for conducting the training workshops to government officials from various sectors and stakeholders from the implementing agencies.

The project would conduct training and capacity development through 14 workshops for 360 people (stakeholders) at various levels in government / developmental agencies, NGOs, GVEP Partners in India. The capacity development would result in appreciation of and usage of web enabled GIS and KM tools for remote village electrification programs and other projects to provide energy services in villages. A training Handbook / CD would be prepared for government officers, other implementing agencies and GVEP's Partners on usage of web enabled GIS and KM tools for monitoring and evaluation of RVEPs and other the development indicators after providing improved access to energy services. The project will facilitate multisectoral coordination and interaction for linking remote village electrification programs to priorities and programs in other sectors such as education, health, water, sanitation, socio economic development etc.

 After successful showcasing through the Assam pilot and the training workshops for capacity development of the implementing agencies and GVEP Partners, the support services would be extended at the National Level for RVEPs in various states for larger scale replicability. Finally, to make the project sustainable beyond GVEP funding, proposals would be given to MNES and other states agencies to garner funds to support the adoption of GIS and KM tools for not only RVEPs but also for use by programs in other sectors such as health, education, rural infrastructure etc for sustainable development of rural communities.


Others (Plan)
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