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Census Data and Village Surveys
Demos and Tasks
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Activities leading towards the objective of the project that are contributed by the partners.

Assam Census Data Import Setup
Assam census data is imported into Pantoto by creating a special table for it. It has 141 fields for various census realted data. A search panel is provided to easily build simple queries. Assam Census data can be filtered / searched based on various parameters like no of households , total electrification etc(34 parameters) and the villages matching the results are showed in two views, map and normal. 1. In the map view, the matching villages matching the search are pointed out on a INDIA map , which can be zoomed to various depths. 2. In the normal view, the matching villages are shown in tabular way with the entire census data for each village. A searchpanel consisting of 34 fields is provided to perform the above search.
Demos and Tasks
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