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Posted by: narmadha Member of Group website
Updated: 2006-11-09 18:53:17
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Concrete results the project plans to achieve:

  1. Data capture, resource mapping for Assam RVEP surveys and DPR preparation (use of ICTs in the way envisaged under this proposal is not a part of the ToR of the Assam RVEP although the MNES circular to the states makes a mention regarding GIS mapping).

  2. Web based content and knowledge management portal (open content, create common database, login password protection and security levels)

  3. Development of a data model for resource mapping and exchange

  4. Spatial bookmarking GIS tools (using open source technologies) used by other similar projects and organizations

  5. Documentation of best practices, experience sharing and knowledge management by the GVEP partners in India and globally

  6. ICT based software and tools for increased inter-ministerial coordination and for optimization of the resources and efforts of various implementation agencies.

  7. Facilitate decentralization of planning for remote village electrification projects and involvement of local communities in the design and implementation of RVEP.

  8. Linking energy planning and provision of access to modern fuels to priorities and goals in other sectors such as poverty reduction, education, health, gender equality, rural infrastructure and socio economic development.


B Project Description
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