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Updated: 2006-11-09 18:51:22
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GVEP Theme:

1. Support Services at National Level for Capacity Development, Knowledge Management, MIS and Monitoring & Evaluation for remote village electrification in India (GVEP Track 2 activity) and also for the GVEP Partners under the focus states strategy (GVEP Track 1 activities). The project will also facilitate GVEP Partners, through capacity development and Knowledge Management, to significantly scale up their activities by replicating the success of existing pilot projects.

2. Country Actions in India The project will support the GVEP action plan of supporting country actions (through interaction and convergence with Government programs & priorities). Project will support Ministry of Non Conventional Energy Sources' mandate to achieve electrification of remote village during the period 2007-12. It will also support GVEP's mandate to help the national government and GVEP partners achieve significant scale up of their pilot projects with GVEP's support services

The project will provide the ICT tools to support country actions for providing access to energy services to the underserved and unserved. The project will facilitate linking of actions to provide access to energy services to programs and priorities in other sectors such as education, health, socio-economic development.



B Project Description
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